Bloggers, a Broken Bridge and the Sunset.


Hey Bloggers. I was on a Blog Break and wanted to write about food and stuff related to that but then I have so much running through, so much I wanna say that Here I am…

Today was the 6th Blogoholics Anonymous Meet. I have been to every one of them and I have invariably not spoken about blogging nor have we said anything that has to do with blogging. AA or Alcoholics Anonymous is about Quitting the practice but Blogoholics is about Fun about meeting new bloggers and see where the blog world is going.

Anyways I have been asked to get the hazop blog addresses of people who attended today. Suprisingly I realized that I don’t have some of them on my blog Roll. But Yeah I will have them there soon.(Dai Nee romba Lazy da)

We had a total of 15 Blogoholics. Here they are.

Yuvi Panda a.k.a Yuvaraj Pandian a.k.a Paparazzi Mandaya Goes Crazy with the Camera. Check What what he has done to me. Grrrrr

Jolly Roger you were lots of fun. We have to catch up sometime during the week. If you have the time.

Divia runs two blogs Princess of God and Dr.JC’s Classroom A BIO GEO Chemist Well she was asked by Arisa the Japanese Photographer to pose for her and she was like I will only pose with my Sunglasses off. I hope to get a copy of that photo from Arisa. But Divia How did you manage to Study Biology Geology and Chemistry. Biology was my personal “Hate Subject in school”

Lemonade she was like… No Forget it I will not say it. Sathya has a lot to say about her. Lemme not steal his thunder…I think she is a sport and will make a wonderful designer.

Sudamshu I think he speaks Tamil with an accent I have never heard of before. It is great to hear him speak the language. He has gotten a new Canon 450D and I am sure he has got lots of photos. Waiting for them da. And Try doing Tamil Podcasts I am sure it will be a hit.

Gautam Gurumurthi Machi again two blogs and you are the man. Wait till I get a handle bar too. You are fun by default. We are supposed to have been running a Mottai Boss Club on Facebook

Varun Shridhar a.k.a the Aussie Bugger stopped writing when he went to Australia. He says the Women in Australia have turned off his writing Skills.

Vasant blogs at and also at How many of you you know he even existed. He was like the Observer. Quiet and taking it all in. He says he is observing and learning. Hey Thanks for the Urundais. Awesome man.

Dilip Muralidaran wanted to take Narain’s trip as usual I wish he had for the benefit of the new comers. It would have been fun.

SriVatsan was the Tall Guy who was jumping off the broken bridge and having fun in his own way.

Joel Suganth – He was the guy who was photographing one and all. A Brilliant Visual Artist. I wish he did play the flute. Some of us missed it.

Arun Ganesh an Open Street Maps Evangelist is a guy who has roamed the streets of Chennai and is behind the Bus Routes Project on Open Street Maps. He has Interesting Quizzes about Chennai City.

Aswin Anand Machan please dont join with that Yuvi Fellow. He will Spoil You. Avan Romba Kettavan. Ha ha ha ha

Dhruva a Lawyer a RJ and an avid traveller

Will have to get Dhruva’s Blog addresses Will have them out tomorrow.

Thanks to all you Blogoholics.

I just hope and wish I did not miss anyone out. If I did please excuse my lack of memory I am getting old.

Broken Bridge is an awesome place I loved the sunset and also the fact that we took over the entire end of broken Bridge People were afraid to walk past us. Thanks to the blogoholics who bought Stuff to eat and drink. (Oh I bought the drinks) Anyways now I know that the path to the broken bridge is filled with a Kuppam and sad part is Dilip and Arun encountered some unfriendly forces there. Please avoid going there after dark simply because of the reason that cops chase you out of the place.

Those of you who missed the meet No Issues we have one every month. join our Facebook group

Update : Now we have our own place set on the web

or mail us at and we will keep you posted about when and where the next meet is happening. Cheers People.

12 thoughts on “Bloggers, a Broken Bridge and the Sunset.

  1. man does that sound interesting… i think we have something like that in my city but due to lack of time i speak to friend bloggers and surf blog sites to come across some great ones 🙂

  2. Yes! It was certainly fun. Drove almost 25 kms from my home on my bike & it was totally worth it. The view of the sunset was certainly breathtaking with the backwaters and the whole broken bridge to ourselves!
    And what is this about my Tamizh accent? Who said I speak the language! Only language I know is Hindi!
    “Namma Desiya Mozhi le pesulaama?!”

  3. @ Dilip Sure Why Not??? But Next Time We will not get so much SNAX. Even I was not Hungry…

    @ Rohit Oh My Dear friend. There were too many absentees so no mention of it.

    @ Anisha But it is always fun to meet people in real time. I have made some good friends and met some real great people.

    @ Melon Hey Mate Welcome. Photo was by a friend and fellow blogger Joel. he blogs at

    @ Vikas Do join us for the next meet.

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