Yappee Bathday…Machi

I know this guy called Narain. He says it is his bathday today. Apparently it is. So this Post. Because this is something unbelievable. Dude actually bathes only once a year. If you do not believe me please ask the following people. Dillip Muralidharan, Srivatsan, Rohit, and Arun Ganesh.

Here is a photo of Sathya’s Birthday Cake which he cut at work after making a big fuss about how embarrassing it is to cut a cake in front of all the people at work. Anyhow he did get his face creamed by the Amousia man. Well Not much of celebration but it did feel good that I pulled everyone to celebrate Narain’s Birthday.

So if you wanna wish him you can do that commenting here or drop by at his Blog and leave a comment there.

Wishing you the Very Best in Life Machi!!! Am glad you have planned to bathe today…

“Yappee Bathday”

8 thoughts on “Yappee Bathday…Machi

  1. Dei Sappa Sathya…

    Happy Birthday daa.. Naara payaney.. I thought ur bday was on 14th Nov (Childerns Day).. Semaaiyaa irunthurukum.. ANyways Happy bday daa machan!!

  2. Happy Bathday da! I’m sure a bath would spoil your Foxhawk!! I hope you performed your annual ritual of cleansing yourself after the Photowalk :).

  3. Koyandha (What an irony)
    Thanks a lot 🙂

    Its fauxhawk. 😀
    Thanks a bunch.
    No No. I took bath during Diwali (or was rather force to)
    So no bath today!

  4. @ Sandhya As Narain said Look who is talking about Children’s Day.

    @Sudamshu I really hope he did wash himself. I really hope he did

    @ Narain Machi please have a bath and come to office not able to sit near you these days.

    @ Dilip Hi machan, I heard singapore cops are looking for Narain who is the cause of all this stench. 🙂

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