The People

The People are who are important. What else is important in life. Relationships are important. But do realise that for some it is these very relationships which screw up their lives.  Right now everything is so damn confusing.

What if someone you had a relationship and ended it conveniently decides to come back and haunt you??? Are they the ghost people???

Bleddy Relationships, Bleddy Ghosts and Bleddy People!!!

8 thoughts on “The People

  1. Yup.. Memories are the worst part.. They ll haunt u when the person leaves u.. And then its the worst when u go on with someone else this left person comes to haunt u.. Shucks man.. Life is totally upside down with all the turbulences in heart and mind… Sigh.. Its a very complicated situation.. All the best to u if u r in that situation 😛

  2. i know memories do haunt us.. and the same time ppl from the past also do that.. its just that we should realise that past is something which is gone away.. no point in crying over spilt milk.. you have to make sure that your present is fine.. and that is what is important..

    so see the bright side of things.. who knows ppl can end up being good friends..

  3. @ Anila Well it is just a general thought. But this whole thing of “We can Be Friends” is I believe BULLSHIT. I think it should be here or there. No Middle path I say. Maybe I am an extremist.

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