The 71

Yeah This is my 71st post and I like this number for a number of reasons none of which will be told to you people simply because I don’t wish to bore you with the inane things. but yes I have a cool video for you people. I created it with a tool called Animoto.

Also I had been to this nice event about Tea Tasting @ The Alliance and I wrote an article for (If you did not know, this is where I have fun during the day) Click Here to Read the Article and leaving a comment here and there would be appreciated.

6 thoughts on “The 71

  1. @ Narain Yeah Sure if you wanna buy that domain for me.

    @ Muthu I assure you that taking a photo of a dog is of the least interest to Menaka Gandhi. I was not molesting it.

    @ Sharan Yeah I know like the ones I took in Yelagiri

    @ Dai Paavi Muthu is already scared of us, Now he will be piss scared with that promise you made.

    @ sam Yeah Right.You are my friend too…

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