Looking Back…

When I started blogging in January 2008 (Was it before that. I keep forgetting. Anyways whatever it was) I used to visit Blogs like crazy. I used to leave comments on a regular basis. One of the first blogs that I ever read regularly was NEVERMIND (her posts, they are funny) Then I found Ouch My Toe written by a guy who calls himself Jammy Damn funny guy. There have been so many others who I eventually started reading but my most favourite haunts are listed in my blog roll.

I mention these two blogs because they have seen me through a time when I was destructing my life. They kept me sane. Not only have I made a lot of great friends but I have also had a career change, started a group called Blogoholics Anonymous with this Dude and this Dude and this Lady.

The ride has been awesome upto this point. I am going to see this through.

4 thoughts on “Looking Back…

  1. :)Gee thanks a lot Aravind! This was nice.

    I really have to make it to the next Blogoholics meet!!

    PS. Sort of ironic, my blog aims to make people go insane 😉

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