Words… It’s only Words

Words make a big difference in this life. Afterall “It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away” a real mushy number from Boyzone who have disappeared into some word less place. I know this girl who studied French with me and she sang that song at the Summer fete at Alliance Francaise of Madras. But she is in no way related to this post.

Words have changed history, geography, science etc. You name it and it has been changed by words. Be it the written word or the spoken one. What is the most powerful thing on earth “WORDS” it can change anything anyone anyplace overnight. Madras became Chennai, Jayalalitha became J. Jayalalithaa a.k.a Amma, Hitlers words changed the fate of a race.

Just imagine a life without words, just sign language. I am reminded of old Charlie Chaplin movies which he directed before the Talkies happened so funny but yet again he had to use the written word between scenes.

I wrote about my buddy in crime “Now XXXXXXXXXXX was stopped by the girls when he was trying to take a general picture of the crowd. Reason being he looks like a School Boy Youth” Yeah he threatened me with death if I did not change school boy to something else.

I know this girl who I met through some friends. We met last night and I saw that her nose is all red and me get all concerned when somone is not feeling well

Me : Are you feeling well?

Girl : Yes!!I am perfectly fine!!!

Me : No just that your nose looks like Santa Claus’ nose.

Girl : @##$$ @!@#%$ %#$%$!!!!

I am pretty sure it was something nasty.

Last night was not a great night because I came back and I was chatting with my Buddy Crime and lemme reproduce it here.

10:47 PM me: hey
10:48 PM need can you mail me that FTP ip address
mike testing
pesu da
talk man
10:49 PM pony
Yes I play silly games like that.
I was going through the entire chat script just now and I realized it is not worth putting in my blog. It is in a language I prefer to speak and rather not type. After all they are just words and words don’t real mean much to me. It is just another way of hiding behind our true selves.
As Super Star Rajnikanth says in Baasha “Chinaman will die if he does not gamble, Indian will die if he does not speak” Sad but True. We should talk less and work more. Really should… But then what happens to this blog? Are these not Words??? It’s only words.

13 thoughts on “Words… It’s only Words

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  2. heh love to see the whole chat.. tht definitly would be interesting. all of us have got those moments where we just talk.. for the sake of talking..

    and should agree with sowmya .. whats the point?? 😉 its only words righttt !!!

  3. I think Boyzone just stole the song. The original is from BeeGees. It is rather good that such a rotten group is not playing anymore. Pop sucks. Metal Rules!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well people!!! I also realized that I can’t live without words. But some words which have an negative impact on my life have to be written off. No use in taking the word to heart if it does not take me places.

    @dilip Well… Buddy in Crime… You are my buddy in crime too…

    @sowmya commenting is something good. please keep doing it. Hope you did listen to the audio podcast in my previous post.

    @anila Yeah we say crazy things just because it is coming out of the mouth and the tongue is rolling it out like iron sheets in Jamshedpur. Keep visiting… and Keep commenting…

    @Sudamshu Yeah!!! I remember someone telling me that before but then my memoire has gone for a toss…Thanks I will put it in my skull this time

  5. ha ha thats true..

    it doesnt need a copy right.. nor a license..
    and some times one wonders.. if it has got complete mind n brain of its own.. 😉

  6. @ anila I dont know if you have heard of Saneeswaran, The Saturday God.Click here to read about him This guy resides in my tongue and he makes me say the wierd things I say. I am alwways right by myself… Remember to put the blame on someone.Alwways…If there is no one blame it on GOD…

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