Sathya and Vishwa – Part 1

Have you heard of Vishwa? If not please Read ahead…If you have and chances are you have. Still go ahead and read on.

There was a discusson during the Chennai Photowalk. Everyone wanted to know who Vishwa is? Well this Video is of Sathya with his Vishwa. Yes the peacock feathers represent Vishwa (Read about Vishwa Here.Coming up next : Dilip’s Version of Vishwa). Strange that Sathya would hold body parts of a peacock and pose for photos.Something he normally wouldn’t do…

He is a narcissist though, so the poem goes


A Peacock

Is Holding Peacocks’ feathers


All said in Code language. He is a Master Cipher and talks a lot in code language.So decipher what he was trying to say.If you know the message please feel free to leave a comment and I would take you out for Dinner if your answer is right. The catch is Sathya will be the judge. Good Luck!!!Cheers!!!

Photo Courtesy: Amirtha

15 thoughts on “Sathya and Vishwa – Part 1

  1. Aravind,
    Studio ku vaa. Voice ah record panren.
    30-70 agreement podlam.
    One year agreement. 6 albums. 3 tours.
    Apdiye, AR Rahman kita chance vangi tharen.
    Mind la vachiruken thambi.
    Future la use panren!

  2. wooow!.. awesome!… wat cud b a btr treat ..this diwali 🙂 me = very happy! [u kno who’s style tis is :)]

  3. @ Narain Like you are ARR and I am Benny. You giving me chance poda poda…

    @Sudamshu Dude I am sorry but if you could max the volume. I will impreove on the next post.

    @Sagaro vaada. Please dont censor words. Feel free to use them in the full form. mine is not a “Phamily Blog” like Narain’s ha ha ha

    @Amirtha Idhu enna Diwali treat… Diwali annaiku paaru… and whose style is me=very happy hopefully not Naarains

  4. @ Naarain Dude you have people searching for Hot Mylapore Aunties landing in your blog. Need I say the other keywords that lead to your blog???

    @Dilip Hmmmmm Now that’s information. Payyan Suddenly absconding at random intervals!!!

  5. @uma Jess Me the singing songs… Great voice Right!!! ARR, Raja, Vijay Anthony, Vidyasagar even Deva wanted me to sing for them. But then Enakku indha publicity not liking so…

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