Excuse me Boss!!!

Well, let me assure you this has nothing to do with my boss. Well to tell you the truth my team in FindNearYou.com is probably the coolest team. We get to meet celebrities and do a lot of cool stuff and the best part is FindNearYou.com is one big happy family kinds. Lots of fun. But as I said this is not about work so…

I was invited by Alexandra for a beach get-together one Friday evening. (This was happening in the same beach where they have a memorial upon which people piss all the time. Infact one friend of a friend of a friend even found a couple making out. If someone would come too close their secret code was tch…tch…) So Alexandra her boyfriend Arnaud, Laury and me got some sandwiches and then went in search of the picnikers. We found them sitting right at the beach front drinking beer.(Is that not illegal?) Anyways there were men and women, young and old, chatty and quiet, students and office goers and the best, French and German. They were in separate groups and I could catch some words in French. Though the German skidded away to glory over my bald head. I realized I have a prejudice that the German and French are like sworn enemies. (Well if you are wondering why, you really need to bruch your history!!!) But they were nothing of that sort, though they sat in separate circles they were all mingling and jingling.

After a while people started getting up and I was like “Finally picnic over”. But while that thought was running I realized these people were walking towards the sea. They were going for a swim. They were changing right over there with the local boys who were watching all this passing nasty comments.

But before too many people realized what was happening they were having a ball in the dirty salty water. There were some who had stayed back, like my friends Arnaud, Alexandra, Laury and Camille. Slowly a crowd was gathering around us and I was like ” These guys have gone crazy” But a group of guys walked up to me and started talking to me.

Boy1 : Excuse me Boss!! Hello Boss!!!

Boy 2 : Are you from foreign?

I was really in no mood to talk.

Boy 1 Excuse me Boss. Are you working or Studying?

Boy 3 : Dai Avarukku English Theriyadhunnu Ninnaikiren( I think he does not understand english)

Boy 1 : Excuse me Boss. Just talk something.Let us have friendship.

I was wondering “Is he Gay and hitting on me?” I just ignored him and after a while they left having realized no one was talking with them.

I keep wondering why he kept saying “Excuse me Boss” he should have called me MOTTAI BOSS!!!!. Bleddy Fella!!!

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11 thoughts on “Excuse me Boss!!!

  1. I think in places like Pune it is common to greet people by calling them Boss (as many here say ‘Saar’!). But what kind of party/picnic was this!!!!!

  2. @Dilip Machi Enna poyi Nallavan Sollitiye. Alluvaadha da. Coffee Vaangi Tharen

    @Sudamshu Well people in Madurai and the places below that also popularly use the term Boss. But they have a way of saying it which I find hard to express here. Party is kind of a private one.

  3. Ah!
    This is nth time I’m listening (reading) to this story.
    You guys should listen to Aravind tell this piece of story… Its really funny… Not the story.. but the way he tells it!

  4. @ Narain Appadiya, So maybe I should try my hand at stand down comedy!!!

    @ Dilip No it was not echoos me it was something very unique. Funny though…

    @ Sowmya Yeah probably I will try something like that. I really will. Give me some time.

  5. Even I say boss sometimes 😉 I say it emphatically to make a point… like “BOSS!! What’re you doing?!” Not often though, just when the moment calls for it!

  6. @ani Mallu fellas very humourouss fellas!!!I am a Malayalee.. I wear a thin Lungi. Have you heard that song???

    @ketaki Well this dude was saying Boss so many times I felt like he was Bossing over me!!!

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