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I was once told that the best DMP printer that I could lay my hands on was a WeP LX 800DX printer. As usual I never bothered to verify their claims and just got it. For people who have never had to know what a DMP is, it is a Dot Matrix Printer. Yes the one which goes keeech… keeech, kich…keech…keech, keech and takes about 2 minutes to print a single fanfold page.

Careless fellow I am I lost the printer manual. So I emailed the folks at WeP asking them for a manual.

from Aravind Kumar <kumarbac@gmail.com>
to wep.dmp@wepindia.com


Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 12:45 PM

subject Need Printer Manual….
mailed-by gmail.com


I own a WeP LX 800DX Dot Matrix Printer. I have lost the user manual for this printer.Would you kindly Send me a Copy either as an attachment or as a link from where I can download it from.

Aravind Kumar B.

I got this reply

Ramdinsanga Saiawi – Corporate – Product – Marketing <Ramdin.S@wepindia.com>
to Aravind Kumar <kumarbac@gmail.com>


Mon, Sep 15, 2008 at 12:13 PM

subject RE: Need Printer Manual….


Can you send us your mailing address & contact no.? We will have a copy sent to you.



Yes I did reply to them today

Hi God,

Dont you think it hilarious that I would still own a piece of crap like your printer. more funny that you would be so courteous and reply to my mail after March, April, May, June, July, August, September and you ask me for my address. Are you sure you are not using the Indian Postal Service to send Emails.

Rest assured I am putting this right away in my blog. Highlighting the Turn Around Time you take and you want my postal address to snail Mail a copy of the printer Manual.

Just to let you know I trashed that piece of shitty printer..

Best Wishes…


P.S.: Nothing Personal it is just Business

These guys are Freakingly Funny. Why would they remind me of a piece of shitty printer whose manual I don’t have.. I am just an average Indian Customer you Corporate Honchos. You can SHAFT me all you want and I will usually take it lying down.

P.S. : I got pissed off because these guys are still asking me for my postal address and contact number so they can send the printer manual to some of my descendants. Hold on to it guys who knows it maybe a collectors item then…

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