Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll

Life is short so let’s rock it all the way to the end. But mind what you are rocking because if you rock the boat too hard you may end up in a sharks stomach.

It is sad to know that Music (Rock’nRoll) is associated with a certain lifestyle. There are supposed to be the rock stars themselves, then there are supposed to be the groupies(apparently the rock stars rock them) then there is the Drugs (which supposedly rock the rock stars)  So to put a better perspective

Drugs rock ROCK STARS

ROCK STARS rock the Groupies

No!!! The Groupies don’t rock ROCK MUSIC no way they can!!!


Rock Music which is just amazing does not fit into the Drugs and or the Sex Culture. It is Drugs and Sex which got themselves fitted into Rock Music.

I have been to a few rock shows thanks to, and Unwind Center and the best part is I have been on stage with the rockers (I was not playing music, of course not) taking photographs and shooting Videos. It is incredible to see the kind of energy and talent that is required for the rock stars to play their music. They need all the energy which cannot be given by Sex or Drugs.

Narain and me are going to be at Underground 2008. Look out for the bald guy and the thin tall guy with their respective cameras.

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