It is not Yelagiri…It is Athanavoor.

As it dawned on Sunday in Yelagiri I realized a lot of things. My Paragliding dreams had crashed. Yes Yelagiri has a Adventure Sports Club which has quite some interesting things to do. But Paragliding was not happening yesterday. But to make yourself useful, the best things to do would be to meet people talk to them and see what you can gather out of the sleepy town with a lot of stray dogs and awesomely tasty fruits. (The Jackfruits from this town is great.)

Nothing much was done on Saturday either. Though I learnt to play Blackjack, Poker, 3 Cards and other card games sometime during the night.

Earlier on Saturday Sharan and I had taken the bus to the hill station before which we had waited for the bus at Jolarpettai while listening to a girl talk on one of those wayside Tea Stall’s Pay Phone. It was one of the most interesting speech I had heard in a while. Though I would have loved to hear the other side of that conversation too.

She was getting guys and girls ready for some programme. She was asking “Are the Girls Good Looking?” “Are they thin? because people either ask for thin girls or they ask for plump girls.” The guys were never discussed. She was loud and called herself Sindhu. Though I did assume what programme she was conducting I can assure you that it was not a Doordarshan Programme.

Back to my Sunday’s dashed paragliding dreams. though I did miss my adventure for the weekend I was very happy when I boarded the Banglore Express back to Chennai. I did something that I normally don’t, I crossed 4 railway tracks 2 railway platforms and got into the train from the wrong side of the platform. (What Platform actually there was no platform?)

Bleddy Adventure…

13 thoughts on “It is not Yelagiri…It is Athanavoor.

  1. When I saw the ad about Paragliding in Yelagiri, I called up the given phone numbers belonging to Tamilnadu Tourism development Corporation to inquire. Guess what? The woman who answered for TTDC said that there is no such thing.

    End of story.

  2. u forgot to write about the boy’s cry on seeing u.Even though it wasn’t a eventful trip it’s a memorable trip.

  3. Ah, Yelagiri.I remember a trip when I was in grade 7, It was so much fun then, eventhough we only got to see a Wild Buffalo

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