I am Looking

My Dear Blogizens, Faithful Readers,

I am currently getting crazier with all the work that I think I will be doing. (Mental Pleasure.) I am looking out for people (Men/Women/Boys/Girls/Children) anyone at all, to pose for my Camera. If you don’t believe that I am a good photographer, Click here. If you are interested, let me tell this outright I am a poor man and cannot pay money (coffee, food and talking should not be a problem). But yes we can do something about the money in the long term. If you are still interested you can either mail me (kumarbac@gmail.com) or better still call me (+919894312787)



3 thoughts on “I am Looking

  1. @ Sudamshu You and your Bag have modelled the most for me uptil now. So be proud brother. Thanks for all the striking poses…

    @Sowmya Hey no there is nothing of that sort on offer. Though I would love to get some candid pictures of people making funny expressions

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