The Rising Moon, Setting Sun

moon over, originally uploaded by The Pseudonym.

Lovely evening I spent in the warm laps of a imaginary woman. The Sun was setting as the Moon rose over the mountains. Oh Sun, Oh Moon!!! I did not need the imaginary woman. I ignored her. But the two of you. You have given me everything on this earth.

One thought on “The Rising Moon, Setting Sun

  1. lovely pic. tell me something -why r u posts getting shorter by the day? and also why hv u stopped visting & commenting on my blog? 🙁

    Thanks for the Lovely Pic Comment. This was shot with a Film Camera (The Canon Rebel I think) I have been a Idiot and yet not visited Idiotland. I will remedy it tonight. Just been lazy. And yes I have noticed that my posts are indeed getting shorter. Just that my energy is being spent elsewhere.

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