Girls Colleges are Dumb…

Recently I had to spend two days in a girls college. I had some great experiences, mostly some not so great experiences. My interaction with girls got intense only in the year 2000 and I have since then made up for the Lost Years. Before the Year 2000 I studied in an All Boys College and before that in an All Boys School. So all I knew was to make fun of girls when they were not around and behave like a true gentleman when they were around.(Yeah I know, Kind of skewed way to grow up)

So two days in a girls college was 2 days of torture. I am happy I am a man. I can now appreciate what a girl goes through in this society better.

1. Not Everything in Life is Fun

2. Every Cloud has a silver Lining

3. Hot Girls are mostly Dumb (Well it is a MCP remark, but you don’t know what I went through. So take a break and don’t judge me)

4. Even a girl can’t enter a girls college.

5. Rotting inside a girls College and Not able to take a Leak is extremely painful.

6. It is not fun to be surrounded by 100’s of girls on a hot day.

7. Know what I am getting into at least in the future.

8. Amazing what 2 days has taught me.

So 2 days and I can see myself getting married to someone, anyone, whoever it will be. But please let it not be some girl who studied in an All girls college. Girls with too much of Estrogen are as bad as us testosterone driven males. Oh my God the way girls yelled and sang Shor macha le, Shor Macha Le….(Parody to the Dhoom title music) and gave those sly smile to boys from other colleges(the smile for which many a boy leaves jollu(saliva)) And as I saw these famous mating rituals from the sidelines, I wondered when the mating itself would take place. But tough luck, Cops were brought in and some boys were taken to their Mother-in-law’s house by the Father-in-law and some of their brother-in-laws. Hope they were not treated too well.

My friend Sathyanarain was stopped by the girls when he was trying to take a general picture of the crowd. Reason being he looks like a Youth. But he protested and tried hard to reason out but sadly no luck. He was sent out and he had to spend the rest of the day taking photos of Crows.

Ofcourse there were some really wonderful moments which I have chosen not to talk about so that I can be a wonderful pessimist. Yes I have a PART 2 to this coming up next.

P.S. : Thanks, Narain(Click here to read his lingerie shopping experience), Nandy and Amirtha for making life bearable for me. Of Course Jasmine(or was it Yasmin) was sweet enough to show Sathya that he should not talk too much. Thanks Narain for the Crow Photos. And Ofcourse Bill Watterson for the Calvin and Hobbes Strip.

12 thoughts on “Girls Colleges are Dumb…

  1. You should start tagging your posts like fact or fiction like how i plan to do now that you have started my way of blogging – skewing up real stories to make them look more interesting. Just one diff though – I skew it 20% and you skewed it 80%

  2. i have studied in a girls school and then in a girls coll …i thk ive turned out fine but yeah some girls can be so despo man…but only a few…its diff being a boy in a girls coll and a girl in a girls coll…

    btw wht were u guys doing thr???apart from taking pic of crows!!

  3. @shreya the issue is that girls and boys are not allowed to mingle in fear that they may jingle. I thought Things have changed in Chennai. But looks like there are still some crazy people around.

    @dilip hayya, that’s how interesting my job is…I should’nt call it a job though…

  4. @ Shreya,
    What were we doing there?
    i was flirting with the college girls and Aravind was flirting with all the professors (both male and female!)

    NTPK, Seriously

  5. You cudnt hold on at the campus for 2 days… imagine the girls !! poor souls..

    “Too Bad I dont see myself pity them, pathetic College”

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