Deep into Their Eyes

I have been introspecting a lot for the past few days and it turns out that I cannot and will not look deeply into the eyes of a girl. I tried it but I am not able to. Girls have eyes which tell too many things and I am afraid of too many things. I have found that there is a separate thing called eye language and girls are masters (SORRY!!!) mistresses of the eye language. Their eyes say something while the body is saying something else and I am sure she is thinking something else. Oh god even a Super Computer would get confused trying to decipher a girls thoughts. There is this song in Tamil, which when roughly translated goes

The River is not deep,
The Ocean it joins is not deep
So what is deep?
Only a woman’s heart is DEEP.

Men fall into depths. It is something that has been destined to happen to them. When we see the depths in a woman we think we are rising but the truth is that we are falling, and whoa!!! what a fall it will be. I have risen to almost every occasion, life has presented me with. But I have seen a lot of menfolk fall.

Now if you will excuse me… I will have to go prepare to have a comfortable fall.

A NOTE : I really like women. I respect womenfolk. But some of them can be SCARY,BOSSY, WITCHY, BITCHY and a lot more. So women if you still wanna hate me for this post. Please do so. But remember hatred chews away part of your soul. 🙂

Another NOTE : I can take scary, bossy, witchy and bitchy but I can’t take all the feminist talk some of them talk.

6 thoughts on “Deep into Their Eyes

  1. Your post reminds me of the Vivek Comedy from the movie “DHIL”. Lol.. If u wanna know or understand a woman, u have to become a woman 😛 … LOL.. Nice post.. Good observation skills.. That proves that u always go out with women with that Naarai!!! 😉

  2. Aah, I don’t get the note below where you apologise, I sort of thought it sweet that you were scared of looking into a woman’s eyes because of their depth 😉
    So this witchy bitchy woman will just smile and shut up 😀

  3. lol lol lol….ore the feelings ah da!!!let me tell u a secret….the min u actually (if u r a good eye reader)…actually look into a girls eyes…and not run away…ull never fall…:-)

  4. @sandhya nope Naarai is not a permanent attachement. And with women he is really hopeless. Worse than me.

    @chennairamblings Hey thanks for stopping by. Well I don’t want you to shut up though.

    @thunderror Dude It hurts me when people see a womens eye as just an eye. It is a lot more brother.

    @narain hmmmmm well you did not reply anything relevant to the post.

    @shre feelings o feelings… yeah but sometimes the emotions and characterisation of the eye is too powerful for someone like me not to fall.

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