8 = Saneeswaran (Saturday God)

Life is full of bullshit but sometimes when you hear weird things like “My partner (in life) believes in numerology and so I avoid the number 8” now that’s taking it too far. Our society has evolved and hopefully will keep evolving but one thing that has not changed even among the educated is the “Art of Controlling”. Now that’s a fine art to master. But again you don’t want to be control freaks.

Anyways about the Saturday God, he is the son of the Sun God and Chayadevi (Shadow Goddess) Now Chaya Devi is actually the Shadow of Suryans Wife, Samjana Devi. Yeah kind of confusing right. Click here and read the story in detail.
There are a lot of stories related to the Saturday God. What he can do? All the troubles he can give etx etc. But there is this girl I know, Sita is her name and Saniyane her favourite word. So I called her up on a SATURDAY and this is the Conversation we had…

Aravind : Hey Saniyane Sorry Sita.

Sita : Enna da Nakala????(What making fun of me HUH?)

Aravind : No you keep using it and I am kind of hooked on to it now. Dhandam. Shit Sorry again…

Sita : Oh Ok. So now I am to be blamed. Anyways why did you call me up? (Girls get straight to the Point don’t they)

Aravind : Oh just to tell you that.

Sita : Tell me what?

Aravind : That you are the cause for me using the word Saniyane.

Sita : Oh really, Are you drunk or something?

Aravind : Oops… Sorry… (And I hung up.)

Anyways just to let you all know. I don’t drink and drive, Drink and Talk Oh!!! I actually dont even drink. My vices are in a direction that you can’t imagine. Don’t worry as long as your friends with me you will never get to find out.

But it is true that 7.5 is what is equated to Saneeswaran I guess some mathematician numerologist dude decided to approximate 7.5 to 8 and make 8 the Saturday Gods number. I think they should make 7 the unlucky number. Afterall Saturday is the 7th day. Now it is also a known thing that Chevvai (Tuesday) is also an unlucky day. If we take 7.5 and add the digits 7+5=12 => 1+2=3 and Tuesday is the third day of the week. So thats where this is going. So if two days in a week are unlucky we have 104 unlucky days in a year. Now multiply that with 50 million people(Let’s say half the Indian people don’t believe in this Nonsense)
Well so we have 50million x 104 man days when people think that it is an unlucky day. What will these people do on these days. Nothing new will be undertaken. Whattay waste of Time?

Anyhow we will soon be a Vallarasu Naadu (prosperous Country). Because we still have Information Technology. And we perform pooja for the computers. Right said… Computers are our Gods now.

Sanee Maharaj Ki Jai!!! (Long Live the Saturday


8 thoughts on “8 = Saneeswaran (Saturday God)

  1. Ha ha ha!
    I remember she asking me that because I asked something else and not this.
    Anyway, you left out the word, pudaku, another of Sita’s inventions!

  2. Wow! U r so truly bugged with this whole astrological / numerological stuff! Looks like somebody is in the marraige mode big time……

  3. Hey Aravind, It was nice script…Better you can go the film script writer man…..

    How nice interaction you had with sita, actually i didn’t heard this new story about Saturday God man….

    keep up…..hahahahaah 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. @ Senthil,
    Blah Blah

    @ Sita,
    That was downright funny!
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. @ Narain the girl is on your face man. But she really says saniyane in a very sweet way which obviously does not hurt. Yeah Pudaku is also a invention of hers.

    @Sowmya Hmmmmm Nope I am not really bothered about any astrological stuff. Marriage… Yeah Let’s see that happen.

    @ Vik Bro Pretty should not be used nect to funny man. You should say Pretty Fuck or Very Funny…

    @senthil hey bro I have always wanted to be a script writer. But wanna mouth all the Dialogs. Just dont keep your mouth open for too long. Never know what will get in

    @ sita I have begged you to comment on my posts but you never did. Anyways thanks for the comment and yeah I am scared of you with all your cold.

    @narain Mama dai EKSI. Senthil paathu you have told blah blah. And Yes Sita is downright funny especially when she asked your broken nose how it would expell all that gooey flum… Ain’t that Gross Bro???

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