The Ninth Photowalk

Hey Welcome to my own web space. It apparently was not done entirely by me. (In fact nothing can be done entirely by any one single person. Simply not possible.) So Thanks to the Grand Uncle of Controversy for helping me setup this blog.

Time for announcements…

Chandroo has announced the Ninth Photowalk. It is happening this Sunday starting at 0700hrs from the base of St. Thomas Mount. It so happens to be one of those places which the Government of Tamilnadu has not renamed. When Mount Road has become Anna Salai I think St. Thomas Mount should have become Anna malai. But our governments have always believed in change. But something are best left unchanged…

Anyhow please do join us for the walk. It is really lots of fun. See you around.

P.S.: At The Altar @ blogspot is something that has and will be close to  me. I do not have the heart to delete it. But I have changed without changing.

11 thoughts on “The Ninth Photowalk

  1. hey

    nice to see another blogger from chennai~ have heard of these photowalks , but not been part of any,.hows does it work?


  2. Congratulations on your acquittal of your own space in the World Wide Web. I have updated my Blogroll accordingly. Looking forward to the Photowalk!

  3. Congrats on ur new domain….when r u postin the review of ur photowalk? I do hope to join u next time round. Cheers 🙂

  4. @ Old Sailor Well I would like to see some changes in this city other than changing road names. If a person has to be remembered by naming a road after him. I think it is dumb.But for political mileage I am sure it is useful in some way.

    @ joel Hey bro you are comparing to jamesbond 007 But I wold rather be the villain. Evil people are far more cool.

    @ Narain Drohi????? Why so bro?

    @senthil thanks man. am glad you like my humour

    @aarti photowalks are simple. You just ask a group of people to meetup at a pre decided place and then make them walk for a couple of kilometres. Take pictures along the way of randomw things. Get a group on Flickr and then invite more people.

    Hey thanks Sudamshu for the update. I have a lot of work to be done here. But I like this place. It is my own and I am proud of it however messy it is.

    @lemonade Thanks for your wishes. But I am going to give a feel just like my old blog.

    @ Sowmya Thanks for the wishes. Yes The photowalk pictures are coming up.Will keep you posted.

    @Gayatri Hey thanks for your wishes and it is an honor that you will be following and reading and commenting on my insane posts. You been to the Photowalk?

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