Mount Road:Anna Salai :: St. Thomas Mount:Annamalai

As mentioned in my previous post I am going to start a campaign which I will call the “Annamalai Campaign” Our Governments (Read DMK and AIADMK) have for sometime now been trying to get people to say Anna Salai instead of Mount Road, Muthuramalinga Thevar Salai instead of Chamiers Road and a lot more changes are always being thought of.

So if the road leading to St. Thomas Mount was called Mount Road (now Anna Salai) We should stop calling St. Thomas Mount as Parangi Malai and call it Anna Malai. Similarly Little Mount which is being called Chinna Malai should be called Kunju Malai. (In Honor of all the kunjus)

So these thoughts have been running through my head for a while now. These apart…

Last Sunday was the Ninth Chennai Photowalk @ St. Thomas Mount and the Mini Blogger Meet (A meet to which you get invited) happened at Amethyst. Suprisingly almost all those who had registered turned up except Senthilvel.

We had the time of our lives there. Narain, Varun and I were the first ones there. Next came Rohit followed by Sandhya Rajan. Rohith is a born joker and Sandhya Rajan actually made Narain jump out of his skin. Strange that they called each other Koyandha (kid) they were the only two kids there.We guys ended up causing a riot there while consuming endless amounts of food.

Someone came up with the idea of going to Little Mount/Chinnamalai (Kunju Malai) and off we went. Unfortunately I could not get both the koyandhais to sit in my car. Sandhya sat in Rohith’s car because it was a Swift. But then Rohith overshot Little Mount and ended up going all the way to St. Thomas Mount. Not so Swift afterall. But Narain has friends who can not only get doors opened but they can actually get even caves and springs to open.

Finally we got all that done and even got a group photo taken. Varun and Sandhya had to leave. Rohit dropped them and joined Narain and me at Mathsya in T.Nagar. Ate Kaara Puli Dosa (Kaara – Spicy/Hot Puli-Sour) which was surprisingly sweet. Also we had the entire staff and hall in Mathsya to oueselves so we went on a laughing spree. While making fun of all and sundry.

It was a tiring but fulfilling day. Another Sunday Well spent.

P.S.: About Kunju – Kunju means little. Sharanya Manivannan has written about this in her blog. Please read it it is a very intresting post. Click here to read it.

7 thoughts on “Mount Road:Anna Salai :: St. Thomas Mount:Annamalai

  1. Iam with you to vote for ‘Anna Malai’. Extending in similar lines to all India level, we can propose to call ‘Mount Everest’ as ‘Anna Sigaram’. But as SigaRam is having Ram in it, we can go further secular to call as ‘Periya Anna Malai’:)

  2. That’s a great blog post. If we can call it kunju or chinna, why not koyanda? Had loads and loads of fun…But, you forgot the sexy stewardesses at Mathsya, who were laughing at you and smiling at Narain (according to Narain that is.)

  3. Nice and funny article…..”Mount Road:Anna Salai :: St. Thomas Mount:Annamalai” i ve enjoyed a lot 🙂 🙂 🙂

    hey you can be a best screen play writer man…..But I will not recommend you. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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