Dear Reader…

Dear Readers,

I don’t know why I blog. I have been wondering for the last 6 months. It is fun though. I enjoy this immensely. But when I get an email saying someone has commented on your post. What do I do? Any work I am doing comes to a halt and I savour each written word.

But I got word today from my friend Venu (Of Sonu Venu fame) that there is this lady in his office who was spotted reading my blog. Dear lady if you are reading this please leave a comment. It will be an honor for me to know my readers. I even accept negative comments. So if you wanna thrash me verbally please feel free.

Love and Regards,

Aravind Kumar

8 thoughts on “Dear Reader…

  1. I agree..Every comment makes you feel good…But, most of the time you end up with hundreds of visitors but zero comments…I guess it arises from the inherent nature of the human mind to shy away from the tasks at hand (which is commenting upon the posts you read…)

  2. By the way, I did comment some time back on the Evam play, so this would be my second comment on your blog
    And yes, I was the “lady” 😛
    Just a doubt, if I ever wanted to trash you non-verbally, am I allowed to do that too? 😀

  3. @ thuderror yeah what you saying is right.right now I am missing something smart to say. But No worries, I have nothing to prove.

    @chennairamblings “Avalaa nee????” Welcome to my blog. Should have done that when you first commented. But “No time is a bad Time” Yes sure feel free to trash me however you want to…Enjaai Maadi…

  4. Its so true….receiving comments feel so puts a smile on ur face 🙂 and its also true tht I very diligently read all ur posts but never comment. Let me tell u before laziness sweeps over -continue blogging, its a pleasure reading ur posts 😀

  5. yes it is indeed nice to get a comment…!!makes u feel all good and warm insaide :-D…but dude…ur blogging her so that some girl will reply!!!??????????da…cmon!!!YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THHHHAAAATTTT!!;-)

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