In Cold Rain

I wonder when it rains,
Does she feel suicidal
Is it an accident
Or Is it murder
No, I know what it is,
There is a Serial Killer
Hidden Deep in the clouds
Dropping them down
In Cold Rain

4 thoughts on “In Cold Rain

  1. wow..what a way to look at rains..really rained yesterday at my place…n i was thinking about ur lines 🙂

  2. poems???how come??? 🙂

    @soniya: V guys live in a desert city where there’s hardly any rainfall..I wonder how he wrote these lines…
    seriously dude!!…people in Bombay may actually appreciate ur lines better than anyone else …they know the pain …
    now it looks like u do too!!

  3. thats ONE way of looking at it.

    i think, rains are the aftermath of a booze party up in the skies. finally, the whole crowd, decides to use the loo and voila, it rains pee on us.

    am i grose or am i GROSE? =P

  4. @soniya thanks sometimes I have to write these things. I feel that when the water drops from above it feels a lot of pain.

    @varun hey bro yeah i know I get all cranky sometimes. really cranky…

    @Gayatri hmmm well, i am glad that you did not say people are puking from the skies. Now ain’t that really the grosest thought. I have had groser thoughts about the rain but I have kept them away from this space… cheers!!!

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