The BIG Sunday Walk

Walking by itself is something I sincerely hate, but given good company or a camera or good music I can walk for hours together.

With nothing great to do on Sunday morning (I woke up at 0500hrs) I decided to take a walk, a walk which would cover Napier’s Bridge, Chepauk Palace, Madras University, Parthasarathy Temple, Presidency College, Kannagi Statue, The War Memorial, Fort St. George and finally St. Mary’s Church.

I know I overdid the walk. But what’s life without some whims and fancies. I now have about 200 photos from the walk. Which I enjoyed a lot.

P.S.: Wondering if I should buy a bicycle and then call these sessions “Photocycling.” Or if I should get my Zenit E SLR fixed.

Afterall I am a man of limited means.

7 thoughts on “The BIG Sunday Walk

  1. “what’s life without some whims and fancies”

    rightly said.Nice fun-filled stroll..

  2. walking can be fun when you do things you love. i can relate to that.

    i can walk inside malls for 2 days straight without food and water and not realize it. =P

  3. @ suhainisoniya Thank you. yeah the walk was wonderful.
    @gayatri I believe it is a girl thing…going without food and water, to shop.Thank you for stopping by.

  4. A great walk dude!! Anyways I kept staring at ur photo for too long expecting either Suriya or Bhumika Chawla to pop out from behind the pillars.. he he he.. Reminds me of the kissing scene/or rather the scene in Munbey vaa song wer Suriya pulls in bhumika behind those pillars for a kiss.. he he he 😛

  5. Hey Sandhya Welcome. Kissing Scene???? Don’t remember seeing one in that movie. Though am a known forgetting dude. Anyways the truth is this is a truly deserted place on Sunday. And Probably there were couples kissing and fooling around. Crazy City this. Love it though. Join us for the Photowalk on the 15th and the 22nd of this month, if you are around.

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