FIRE AND FORGET – An Evening of Jazz

Pre Concert : Varun and I were one of the first guys at the hall.(I believe in punctuality.)The show started an hour late, we guys shot some pictures while the group was testing their equipment.
THE CONCERT : Lets jazz it all up. Yes I am sitting in the Ball Room at the Taj Coramandel listening to some awesome soul stirring jazz music by Julien Lourau. Am enjoying the evening.
Julien is a musician who knows his audience. Really amazing music.And the snippets he tells us in between his music is truly captivating. The show is called “Fire and Forget” it’s organised by Taj Coramandel in association with Alliance Francaise of Madras.

Post Concert :
Fire and Forget is about how the British Fire missiles without fire damage restoration and then forget about them. Really awesome music for these war filled times. It is a known fact that the French are not really fond of the British. He even has a song which is titled “Messieurs les anglais, tirez les premiers” (Hey english men, you fire first) This is what Napoleon had to say while fighting the numerous wars with the British.

In the End :
He did what every true artist does “Left the audience wanting for more.”
P.S.: The Band Members
Julien Lourau – Saxaphone
Eric Lohrer – Guitar
Sylvain Daniel – Double Bass
Garcia Bruno – Drums
Bojan Z – Keyboard

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  1. @ gayatri – Jesss It was an evening I truly enjoyed.
    @ps – thanks for dropping by.

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