Ronald has arrived in Chennai

Finally Mc Donalds is setting foot in Chennai. The Ascendas food Court on Old Mahabalipuram is where they set shop first. The IT and ITES crowd is being targetted not just because of the fact that they have deeper pockets but also because of the reason that they are more open to spending money on Two pieces of bun with a cutlet stuffed in between.(That’s what a burger is for a majority of Indians.)
I am gonna wait and watch, if the McD’s are gonna be a hit in the land of idlis and if the French Fries are gonna beat the Vadas.

5 thoughts on “Ronald has arrived in Chennai

  1. Oh1 Chennai doesn’t have a Donald’s YET1 Its been three years since I left Chennai, and it hasnt changed one bit!hmm..

  2. yeah McD was shit scared to step into the land of Idlis and Dosas. So now the war starts…

  3. McD gets boring after a certain point.. At least for me, the charm’s dead cos that where we used to order from in Hyd when all other options failed..

  4. @ Gayatri : Yeah it does get boring after a while. And it is not my kind of food. Bleddy Bu(r)gers…

  5. Yayyy glad you’ll finally got one there- we’ve had one here for a long time and they’ve opened throughout the city… With KFC and McD’s around my city better start learning the meaning of the word workout before our mode of transportation becomes rolling on the streets

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