Me – Conked… Zonked… Tonked…

So what’s this conked word got to do with Me. I know… People who look chronically stoned should not be described with a minion word like Conked. But the fact remains that I got conked… First it happened yesterday. Then it happened today. I have been contemplating about dialling the magic number 100 (It’s magical because the call lands in a police control room, where no one hears the phone ringing because they are busy with more important things.) and tell them I am Zonked. So what happened to me…
‘Cause of my decreasing max fitness plans levels I decided to revive playing tennis after 11 long years. So I pulled out my Rusty… (Sorry!!) Trusty Tennis Racquet (If you are wondering about the brand… It is a Wilson Nemesis) picked up my tennis shoes and enrolled myself in the TNTA Club in Egmore. My game has become a miniscule fraction of what it used to be. Changes… My body and mind were totally unfocussed.
Mind – Hey that’s an easy forehand stroke.Why don’t you pick it up and you know where to place it.
Body – Hey you think it is easy to even reach for the shot.
Mind – Of course man.
Body – Tell you what. you go play mental tennis.
Mind – And what are you gonna do?
Body – Those benches look comfortable, I am gonna go have a siesta.
Mind – Siesta is after a meal, usually in the afternoon.
Body – MIND your own business please. Don’t teach me languages. Get lost.
But my mind has a mind of it’s own. It made my body play for 60 long minutes. I love the game so much, that I have not complained to a soul about my body Aches.(Still ain’t complaining, just blogging)
So it is the aches that make me feel Tonked off.