I wanted to name this post Procrastination but was too lazy to type those letters out… Hmmm But I did actually end up typing it out. Lazy and now stupid. Well what do I say? I was checking out all the blogs that I have started to type out, but have actually not posted. I have about 20 posts in the making.
I don’t know what to say… My 5th class Teacher Dolly David once told my mother “Your son is such a gentleman. But he is a very lazy fellow.” My mom said “Oh madam, even when he was a kid he would be on his own, reading. He is as you said LAZY, and very anti social.”
So the traits were there even when I was a baby. Why get agitated about what people have to say? Be lazy, it is the most selfish, self-centred thing you can do. But we have to be selfish to stay alive in the short term. Well if you wanna be an immortal, feel free to mail me at kumarbac [at] gmail [dot] com.
Should be back to lazing and continue being selfish. BYE!!!

2 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. humm…being lazy is good to some extend nowadays….and its a rare thing to get a chance to b lazy too

  2. Hey welcome enigma… Being lazy once in a while is good. But being born lazy is not a virtue apparently.

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