Know What You Eat

Over the course of several centuries our food habits have undergone a drastic change. We have looked towards the west for approval of our food facts and diet. The western has best adjustable dumbbells and civilization has commanded the information we get. But do we really know what we are eating. I am not a scientist nor have I researched or published about these topics. It is merely out of interest that I have taken to gathering information about knowing what I eat.

In todays era of globalization we look for maximum food production by using optimum resources (land, water etc…). But even though we have tried several techniques to maximise our food production we have failed miserably to support the population. There has been shortages in food grains and pulses the world over in recent times.

Scientific knowledge has always found ways around the problem. But what is the true solution???? Are we ready to accept the fact that, what we eat today is not only harmful to our diet but is also harmful to the very existence of any being, living or non living.

Even though Organic Food is becoming a very fashionable term these days and it is used in beyond diet, it is again a scientific way of farming with set rules and organisations to certify the produce. But it is better than eating a whole lot of chemical growth induced food.

So know what you eat? Because what we eat, determines what we become.

4 thoughts on “Know What You Eat

  1. hey its a cool idea to write on food and kinds….keep the good work goin…am adding ur blog to the list on my page..hope u dont mind

  2. I agree with wat you say !!
    Today the money minded food processing units have mixed watever they could think of in our diet.
    Fair trade foods, organic foods, localvore foods are also being commercialized.
    God save the planet !!!

  3. i think its because of the demand for food thats good for our taste buds or food that has become what you can call- a brand image that makes us what we are today- it depends on where you are but eating because it is good for you is out of the question i think…
    the lesser of two evils is always there but one must wonder at what is the opportunity cost of eating either good food or food which is good for you…
    me theory… eat whats appealing once in a while… we’re only young once 🙂

  4. @ Sowmya Thanks Lady What would be my blog without you.

    @ Ais well God Save the planet is too long term. We need to take action and practice healthy living.

    @ NiSh What you say is true. We have to be practical about the food we eat. But trust me it is not that hard.

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