Drink Baby Drink…

This picture has a zillion words to tell me. I have to organize my thoughts before putting them down. So while I do that please leave your thoughts in the comments section, ofcourse.

5 thoughts on “Drink Baby Drink…

  1. It tells me that one tends to make profound mistakes (like not using a you-know-what)when drunk and on bed.


  2. Logically, I think a pharmacy deserves to be on the right of the picture, for the above mentioned reasons.

  3. @Sporadic – Actually there is a pharmacy in the next building… Yeah mistakes do happen when drunk, especially in the Indian Baby Making Business.

  4. LOL – well lets see the guy went to the pharmacy to get the cap. Then he entered the tasmac and got slouched. That he forgot where the cap fell. He meets a babe to mingle and jingle. Then you see the store there on the right.

    Rules of the game are simple.

  5. @markiv Pharmacy –> TASMAC–>Meet Babe–> Jingle Mingle–>Baby Shop And it is chimplyfuck…. yeah sounds damn simple.

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