At The Altar

Change is good. Welcome to the new blog layout. I am going to keep it nice and simple for a while. In the near past I have been upto no good with the blog. No regular updates nothing much out here. I have since then started a new series with photos, write-ups FROM THE PAST.

You will find some recipes to a few dishes I tried cooking HERE

And before I forget… I had an early morning dream and I dreamt in colour. Good part is I vividly remember the dream and am writing it down. Hopefully it will be published on my blog soon.


4 thoughts on “At The Altar

    • I have merely changed the look slightly. Have been using this blog address for 4 years now. But thanks to you I will start writing regularly again. :)

  1. Ironic that I read that you are into feeding people the day after I post my contribution to ‘E’ day of the A-Z Blogging Challenge. What exactly do you do reg. feeding people…would love to know more.

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